Employment Law

Employment law involves a complex web of statutes, regulations and case law that control the relationship between employer and employee. Collectively, this law governs the compensation and benefits to which employees are entitled, and the obligations employees and employers owe to each other prior to, during, and after the employment relationship.

Employment law also envelops powerful aspects of civil rights law. Civil rights statutes and regulations govern how employers must legally treat employees, former employees and job applicants. These laws include state and federal statutes that prohibit an employer from making employment determinations based upon factors including race, sex, age, gender, disability, religion, national origin, skin color and, in some jurisdictions, sexuality.

We have the requisite experience, knowledge and skills to represent individuals against their employers in employment disputes, including discrimination and non-compete clause matters. Employment attorneys also defend employers in such matters, and assist them with developing and adapting their employment procedures and manuals to avoid frivolous or otherwise avoidable complaints.

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Civil litigators need to be aggressive, knowledgeable and focused attorneys with the right mix of legal savvy and flexibility. Lever & Ecker, PLLC possess these qualities, as well as formidable negotiation and case management skills. In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In litigation, it’s preparation, preparation, preparation.

What sets litigators apart is their skill at preparing a case for trial. Negotiations will go nowhere if a lawyer cannot support his or her position with effective pre-trial and courtroom litigation.

The Lore Law Firm has represented individual, corporate and government clients in suits involving complex employment, personal injury, healthcare, Tucker Act, and corporate matters.

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