Car Accident Lawyer – What to Submit to an Accident Lawyer

Although many people think that law always involves a dramatic court trial, in most cases legal settlements can be made through paperwork alone. When you are the victim of an auto accident and have sustained personal injuries, you’ll need to gather as many materials as possible to help back up your case. Working with Kansas City truck accident lawyers, you can reduce the potential time it takes to receive compensation if you have all the information needed for a judge to make a decision. To begin with, you’ll want to contact your auto insurance company as soon as possible following an accident, to set these wheels in motion.

Your car accident lawyer will need to have certain details that stem from the scene of the accident, to set the stage of what happened. Basic information that you can expect to submit include your name, car insurance policy number, and driver’s license information, to begin with. The names, policy numbers, and license numbers of the other drivers and passengers will be asked for as well. An attorney will also need to know the date, time, and location of the accident, as well as what the weather conditions were like at this time.

Physical documentation to help build your case includes a copy of the police report, medical report, and any other accident reports that may have been filed. Your car accident lawyer will also ask if any of the drivers were charged with driving under the influence, and will need copies of any traffic tickets that were written at the scene of the auto accident. An important part of any personal injury case is the medical report. It’s best to visit your physician as soon as possible after an accident. You can ask for images of any injured areas, such as MRI images or X-rays. These can be used as evidence later.

In addition to the medical images and physician’s report, you’ll also need to keep track of medical bills and the cost of any therapy or rehabilitation, because this is also an expense that you deserve compensation for. Another expense is lost wages, so be sure to provide the number of days that you miss from work as a direct result of the accident. Finally, your car accident lawyer will need copies of all correspondence between you and your insurance company, to put together the full case and help get you a settlement figure that will most accurately compensate you for your damages.

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